0) Ideas Behind The Checklist

The amazing thing about picture and sound is that no one understands either of them completely, even after thousands of years of study. So don’t feel like you are the only one. It was only 110 years ago that Einstein proposed what seems to be the best working theory for light, but they were just untested theories. Now, every year, someone makes progress proving another piece of his ideas.

More recently, it was a long and hard 15 year transition from film to digital projection. A lot of lessons have been learned. And now it seems projectors are changing again, to laser light…yet another set of ideas in the constant march toward trying to fulfill the Director’s Intent. Audio also has many topics that are argued about in the professional groups. There’s always something to learn.

Again, the point is: Don’t be feeling like you’re the only one who still has confusion in these areas. Those confusions are what we are going to work on, bit by bit, some through these Lessons, and some while doing the practical and important steps of watching and listening to the Manager’s Walk Through Series DCPs – and using the associated Checklist.

Be certain that you let us know if we skip a step in explaining these things, if there is a lingering misunderstanding, a word not well defined – use the Comments below, or write to us on the Contact, Please page.