Please, please, please…let us know what you would like to know…and let us know if we skipped a step and somehow leave you with some confusions.Lessons Pulldown

0) Ideas Behind The Checklist

0a) How To: Manager’s Walk Through

1) What’s It Mean: DCP

1a) Where to Judge The Auditorium

2) A Look at Light

3) A Look at Light, Part 2

4) Audio (Sound Basics)

4b – Audio (Sound Basics): Part 2

4c – Audio (Sound Basics): Part 3

5) Artistic Intent…Protecting the Dream

6) Measuring – Sound

7) Measuring – Light

8) What’s It Mean – Contrast

9) What’s It Mean – Distortion

10) What’s It Mean – Scope and Flat

10b) What’s It Mean – Scope and Flat

The Other-Abled, and You

In Process:

What’s It Mean? Sync

What’s It Mean? Accessibility

Emergencies I & 2

What’s It Mean – Bright?