Artistic Intent…Protecting the Dream

We would like to introduce a new product line to you.

The Manager’s Walk Through Series is a product line of DCPs and checklists that help the non-technical manager evaluate the auditoriums under their care.

We look forward to helping you help present the best possible version of the Director’s Artistic Intent on your screens – which is what I bet we all woke up thinking about, eh?

Coming soon, to theaters and drive-ins everywhere. (I always wanted to say that~!)

Monday CleanUp

Do this to make sure things don’t get out of hand…

Busy weekend, eh? That usually means things are put aside, waiting for time to put them away properly. We won't say the word "Mess", but if organization is just having enough places to put thing, we are missing places to put things! 5 Minutes – Just a quick cleaning pass, to put things away, then back to the real job. Thanks!