In the Grand Scheme of Things, we want to deliver the tools that help you Self-Certify the routines and processes that can help ensure that the Director’s Intent is getting portrayed on the screen …and that they are accomplished. We do this for the Producer and Director – who had the first vision – and for your customer – who has the last vision.

How do we do that? The answer is to build in some systematic checks on the equipment and systems that we are responsible for. Name it…the equipment? Detailed, but certainly. Safety and security…lots of hidden and unknown details. Those too.

Generally, we are responsible for a quality picture with quality sound and a safe and comfortable experience. But you know more than anyone, that there is so much nuance in that simple sentence.

How do we do that? We find the nuance.

  1. We must detail and describe each process.
  2. We must write out a procedure to check that each thing we learn from the first step is being done.
  3. Some things may need to be done everyday, like security checks. Some things might only need to be done every once in a while.

So, this is it – we have done it. The Checklists that automate quality control. Your Eyes. Your Ears. Your ability to communicate and learn, and observe, and communicate even better!