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Beta Test – New, Online, Managers WalkThrough Form

We are going to launch an exciting new service. Gone with the old paper form of the Managers WalkThrough Report Form – In with the Online Forms. Give it a try.

Click on the “Routines” pulldown up above, then select Managers WalkThrough Report Form on your phone or tablet or portable computer. Have someone start up a DCP on the projector in the auditorium that you want to check…and click away on the online form.

If everything is cool, all stays nice and simple. But if the answer requires more information to pass to the tech (for example), the form magically opens up and gives you a place to tell everyone what you saw or heard.

Like the DCPs and lessons, the new Online Form Series is free and we hope you will use it for every theater every week…or more if you want. The Safety and Security Form is just about ready and the Monday CleanUp will also be released this week. Continue reading “Beta Test – New, Online, Managers WalkThrough Form”